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Breezi High Back Rail

A standard Breezi activity chair is available with a pair of standard back rails. A standard back rail can be swapped for a high back rail to provide a higher back support for when the seat plate is mounted on a higher notch, or when a shoulder harness is needed to be fitted in a higher position. A high back rail can also be inverted to fill in some of the gap between the seat and the back support.

Breezi back rails can also come with pads to provide cushioning to make the chair more comfortable.

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The Breezi High Back Rail increases the options for providing additional back support at different seat plate heights, and for adding shoulder harnesses

  • Makes for a good support
    The curved shape of the back rails is comfortable when the child wants to relax into the chair
  • The high back rail allows for mounting secondary supports
    The high back rail can be placed so that the top, when set (in conjunction with the correct height of the seat plate) at shoulder height, can be used to mount upper body supports at the correct height in a safe manner. Note: An upper body harness is never to be used without a pelvic positioning belt in place.
  • Use the high back rail when a child is seated in a high seat position
    A high back rail is a great option to raise the height of the back support when a child’s seat is at a high position on the chair. A high back pad can be added for greater comfort.
  • Invert the high back rail to reduce the gap below the back support and the seat plate
    If a child is seated at a lower seated position, the high back rail can be used in an inverted position to reduce the gap between the lower back and the seat plate, providing additional support and comfort
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Standard Back RailTeeziBreeziMax
High Back RailTeeziBreeziMax
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