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The MillieMova is a chair moving device that is designed to help care givers move their clients safely into and away from a table while the client is seated in the chair. When moving a seated user, the MillieMova retains high stability and prevents the chair from tipping, ensuring the user is safe.

Available for Metal and Wooden chairs, and armchairs.

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Ideal for carers to move an individual in and out from a table with ease

  • Prevent manual handling injuries 
    The spring-loaded lever mechanism of the MillieMova helps prevent manual handling injuries from moving a chair with user in or out from a table, allowing carers to glide a chair from one place to another with the user seated in it.
  • Prolongs chair and floor life
    The MillieMova doesn’t drag or scrape the chair on the floor, helping avoid damage associated with dragging.
  • Easy to install on metal and wooden chairs, and armchairs
    The MillieMova comes with an easy installation guide and an optional extension pedal for large chairs.
  • Automatic brakes provide safety
    The chair with the MillieMova wheels will not move unless the MillieMova lever is depressed. This means that a person can lean into the table without the chair sliding away.
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