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27-07-14-Powered-Mobility-for-Children-BPG-7 332.65 KB
bpg-02-pressure-mapping-guidelines Articles BodiTrak 289.95 KB
Postural Challenges Article 7.96 MB
Shear Comfort Footwear Catalogue 3.32 MB
Guide_to_standardized_wheelchair_seating Articles 10.36 MB
Varilite Cushion Instructions Instructions for Use Varilite 28.74 MB
Dos and Don’ts for MillieMova Instructions for Use MillieMova 18.74 KB
MillieMova Risk Assessment Instructions for Use MillieMova 35.35 KB
Tarta pad assessment Instructions for Use 507.54 KB
byBES_007 How-To-Fit Tray V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 133.98 KB
byBES_008 How-To-Fit Tray Strap V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 337.16 KB
byBES_016 How-To-Fit Ankle Huggers V1 20210609 Fitting Instructions Breezi 447.80 KB
byBES_003 How-To-Fit Medial Knee Pad V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 176.64 KB
byBES_006 How-To-Fit Lateral Thigh Supports V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 148.37 KB
byBES_004 How-To-Fit Arm Support V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 149.37 KB
byBES_005 How-To-Fit Stabilising Skis) V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 337.98 KB
byBES_010 How-To-Fit Mobility Frame V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 435.92 KB
byBES_013 How-To-Fit Pelvic Strap V3 20210609 Fitting Instructions Breezi 184.76 KB
byBES_011 How-To-Fit Padded High Back V3 20210614 Fitting Instructions Breezi 180.68 KB
byBES_007 How-To-Fit Tray V3 20210415 Fitting Instructions Breezi 133.98 KB
byBES_040 How-to-Fit Cornerback Chest Strap V5 20211012 Fitting Instructions Breezi 1.22 MB
byBES_014 How-to-Fit TrunkSupports V2 20211012 Fitting Instructions Breezi 1.39 MB
byBES_012 How-to-fit Corner Back with headrest V5 20211412 Fitting Instructions Breezi 1.14 MB
byBES_015 Freestanding Chest Strap V5 20211222 Fitting Instructions Breezi 260.97 KB
How to fit: Breezi Cornerback Fitting Instructions Breezi 1,022.57 KB
Wheelchair Back Supports from HIA Catalogues Varilite 20.17 MB
BodiTrak pressure mapping systems from HIA – catalogue Catalogues BodiTrak 5.29 MB
Breezi high chairs from HIA – catalogue Catalogues Breezi 2.37 MB
Leggero strollers from HIA – catalogue Catalogues 7.76 MB
MillieMova Leaflet Fliers MillieMova 744.08 KB
Postural control and seating solutions – back and trunk support Articles Varilite 5.36 MB
Shear Comfort foot care and protection catalogue Catalogues Shear Comfort Sheepskin 23.43 MB
Shear Comfort skin care catalogue Catalogues Shear Comfort Sheepskin 3.77 MB
Tarta back support catalogue Catalogues Tarta 6.89 MB
The Wheelchair Cushions catalogue – A better way to sit, from HIA Catalogues Varilite 12.94 MB
What makes a good cushion – booklet Articles Varilite 2.59 MB
ByBES_017M How To Fit Breezi Max Millie Mova Fitting Instructions Breezi 542.66 KB
ByBES_017B How To Fit Breezi Millie Mova Fitting Instructions 594.55 KB
Aergo Health_NMD_Clinical Application Paper 2.58 MB
Aergo PMS Case Study Abstract_v4 5.10 MB
BodiTrak testimonial Articles BodiTrak 2.13 MB
Tarta Kid seating system catalogue Catalogues Tarta 2.14 MB
Neuromuscular-Conditions-a-guide-for-children-5-12 Articles 4.88 MB
Wheelchair Provision for Children and Adults with Neuromuscular Conditions Articles 1.51 MB
AERGO Catalogue Catalogues Aergo 1.74 MB

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