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Varilite Icon Mid Back Support

The Varilite Icon Mid Back Support provides support for the mid-region of the back. The Icon Mid Back Support does not interfere with the arms during propelling or other activities as it is situated below the scapulae.

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The Varilite Icon Mid Back Support is ideal for users who require a moderate level of trunk support. Unsuitable for users who require an additional head support or anterior trunk supports.

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Mid-lateral support 
The Varilite Icon Mid Back Support provides support where necessary to help with trunk control and to help decrease fatigue.

Sculpted dual-stiffness foam for better fit
The sculpted foam fits the shell’s contour without bunching. Soft foam protects the sensitive areas of the spine while firmer foam supports the sides of the trunk.

Maximum comfort and protection while moving
The Varilite Icon Mid Back Support features an innovative roll-over cushion and cover to protect the user from contact with the edge of the shell during extension or weight shifting activities.

Fail-safe air-foam technology
Varilite Icon Mid Back Supports are fail-safe, meaning even with a puncture you have the benefit of the foam in each cushion.

Breathable cover
The breathable fabric cover increases air flow between the user and the back support. The cover is machine washable and the cushion can be wiped down easily.

Trunk support
Varilite PAL swingaway lateral trunk supports are available as extras

Easily adjustable mounting systems
The 2-point mounting system can be adjusted for the occupant while the occupant is in situ.

Technical Specification
Chair widthBack support lengthOutside width of the shellInside width of the back support
12"25cm (9.8")24cm (9.4")19cm (7.6")
14"28cm (11")29cm (11.4")22cm (8.7")
15"31cm (12.2")31cm (12.2")29cm (11.4")
16"32cm (12.6")34cm (13.4")32cm (12.6")
17"34cm (13.4")37cm (14.6")35cm (13.5")
18"36cm (14.2")39cm (15.4")37cm (14.6")
20"40cm (15.7")44cm (17.3")42cm (16.5")
22"40cm (15.7")49cm (19.3")47cm (18.5")
24"40cm (15.7")54cm (21.3")52cm (20.5")
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