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A Clinical application guide to standardising wheelchair seating

This manual is the initial product of a two-year project funded by the Paralysed Veterans of America (PVA) Education Foundation.

The overall goal of this project is to support and advance clinical practice and fundamental research in wheelchair seating. This product focused on increasing the adoption of standardised measures and terminology related to wheelchair seated posture and seating equipment parameters. The primary purpose of this clinical guide is to translate a highly technical international standard into a format and language that is easier to understand while still being clinically useful.

This standard it simplifies is ISO16840 (2006): Wheelchair seating – Part 1: Vocabulary, reference axis convention and measures for body segments, posture and postural support surfaces. It has yet to be adopted in clinical practice.

Read A Clinical Application Guide to Standardizing Wheelchair Seating Measures of the Body and Seating Support Surfaces here.

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