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Five configurable elements of the Breezi chair

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The Breezi wooden high chair range is one of BES Healthcare’s most popular paediatric solutions. This is because of the simplicity of its design, and the variable configurations that can be made to fit your child’s individual needs.
The Breezi chair range also come with many options and accessories, including trays, low level mobile frames, pommels, seat cushions, and more! All of which can be selected, if necessary, to help support each individual needs.
To show the many options and possibilities of the Breezi high chairs, we present 5 different ways the Breezi chair can be customised and configured.

1. Back support

All Breezi chairs come with a standard back rail, but if your child needs additional back supports there are various options to choose from, including a high back rail to allow for additional mounting options, as well as back pads for additional comfort.

The Breezi chair below has a high back rail, a high back pad, and two cornerbacks for more thoracic lateral support.

2. Pelvic Positioning

Supporting the pelvis helps to increase stability, in turn improving functions such as sitting at a table for dinner or drawing.

In the close up image of the Breezi chair, the seat cushion is added for additional comfort. A hip belt can be added to provide pelvic support, and a thigh pad can also be used to help the child stay centred.

3. Positioning support

In addition to the Pelvic Positioning tools, you can also chose positioning support for upper and lower body, and the head.

In the image below, the Breezi back has a Flat Head Pad with Wings to provide lateral support to the head as well as help the child bring the head back into midline.

4. Accessories

The fourth way of creating a Breezi chair to fit your child’s specific needs is with additional accessories that range from stabilising skis for additional stability, to arm rests to keep shoulders relaxed.

The Breezi high chair below has a tray for the child to work or eat. The tray is attached by simply hooking it over the back rail which makes it easy to attach and remove.

5. Mobile options

Slight configurations made at the base of the Breezi give you the option of making your Breezi high chair mobile, allowing it to be moved from room to room.

One example of this can be seen in the Breezi chair below, where a pair of skis have been added with castors in order to help move the chair from one place to another.

Paediatric High Chair with Skis with Castors

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