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Breezi Pre-ischial Ridge Pad

Where there is a cushion pad on a Breezi seat, the addition of a pre-ischial pad can enable a better seated position by discouraging the bottom from sliding forward (into a posterior pelvic tilt).

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A Breezi pre-ischial pad under the seat pad can enable a better seated position and reduce sliding forward

  • Add under a seat pad (cushion) to help control sliding
    Can reduce the risk of the bottom sliding forward (controlling the degree of pelvic posterior tilt)
  • Adding a belt to this can provide further help with pelvic positioning
    A Bodypoint belt when added can give extra support and can help promote correct posture
  • Easily cleaned and wipeable
    The material used on the padding is antimicrobial, and ink and stain resistant which makes it easier to keep it clean
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