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Breezi High Chair Range

The Breezi range of high chairs for children with special needs is designed to be configured and adjusted to provide support as the child grows. Growing children need to be seated correctly to ensure they maintain a good posture as they grow.

The chair’s wooden finish and style means it integrates easily within a home or school environment.

Depending on the size of the child and the height of the activity surface, select the appropriate Breezi high chair from the choice of three models.

Available as Teezi, Breezi, and Max.

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The Breezi high chair range fits in with the surroundings, while being ideal for growing kids with mild to moderate postural and behavioural needs 

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  • Customisable design to suit every child’s needs
    The Breezi Range can be customised to the child’s body size and postural needs, as they are now, and as they change, with variable height and width adjustments, and a wide range of accessories. Find out more about the configurable elements here
  • Grows with the child
    As the child grows, the distance between the seat and foot plate can be adjusted to cater for growth in height. In addition, the depth of the seat and foot plate can also be adjusted to cater for size.
  • Simple wooden design
    Breezi chairs have a sleek wooden design, which means they fit in, both at school and in the home.  The birch wood fits in with the surrounding décor.  The seat height adjustability allows the seat to be set up for use with whichever table heights everyone else is using.
  • Easy to clean, anti-microbial properties
    The lacquer in the wood has anti-microbial properties and the chair can be easily wiped down. The upholstery also has anti-microbial properties and is stain resistant.
  • Broad range of accessories and mobility options
    The Breezi range is available with a useful range of postural support devices and accessories to cater for different postural and behavioural needs. Mobility options such as castors are also available to help move the chair when unoccupied.
Technical Specification
TeeziBreeziBreezi Max
Width of the chair16.5" (42cm)18" (46cm)20" (51cm)
Depth of the chair21" (53cm)24.5" (62cm)27.5" (70cm)
Height of the chair25.5" (65cm)30" (77cm)37" (94cm)
Seat plate user width when using pelvic beltUp to 11" (28cm)Up to 13" (32 cm)Up to 14" (35 cm)
Seat plate depth11" (28 cm) / 13" (33 cm)12" (31 cm) / 14" (35.5 cm)14" (36 cm) / 16" (41 cm)
Foot plate user widthUp to 15" (38 cm)Up to 17" (43 cm)Up to 18" (46cm)
Foot plate depth11" (28 cm) / 13" (33 cm)12" (31 cm) / 14" (35.5 cm)14" (36 cm) / 16" (41 cm)
Weight of base chair14 kg16 kg22 kg
Max user weight65 kg75 kg85 kg
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