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Breezi Tray

Trays are available for all three sizes of the Breezi range. They simply hook over the back rail for easy attachment and removal. The height of the tray is dictated by the tray arms which come in two lengths, and can be fine tuned using spacer blocks.  If you plan to fit a tray onto the chair, please do consider the height of the tray: for example, if the tray is positioned too high the child may find it difficult to work or eat.

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Ideal for daily activities, and easy to remove and put on.

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  • Easily cleaned and wipeable
    The tray has a laminate finish on the surface which is easy to wipe down
  • A great space to do activities
    The tray fits a book and tools to do homework and other activities while the user is seated in the Breezi chair
  • Easily removable when not needed
    The tray is easily removable, but can also be held in place with retaining straps if the child is inclined to lift it
  • Add padding for greater comfort
    If a child is using the tray to rest on, then adding a padding to the tray could be a good option
  • Add a grab rail to the tray for sensory signals
    A grab rail can be added to the tray to help the child hold on to something to receive sensory input
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