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MillieMova for Breezi

The MillieMova can be used as a convenient way to move the Breezi in and out from under the table with the child in it. It is designed for smaller movements and not designed to move the chair from one room to another.

Note: This is mainly used on the Breezi Max and on the Breezi Standard.

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The MillieMova is an ideal tool to move a Breezi chair in and out from under a table without risk of damaging the floor

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  • Helps to move a chair in and out from under a table
    The MillieMova is designed to enable smaller movements of a Breexi with the child in situ
  • Great to use on textured surfaces
    The MillieMova works really well on textured surfaces such as carpets enabling the parent to move the chair easily without having to lift it
  • Care givers or parents don’t need to lift the chair
    The MillieMova is foot operated which means there is no lifting involved and is a huge safety benefit
  • Easy to clean
    If the MillieMova needs to be cleaned, it can be easily wiped down
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