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JonVac Bath Support

The JonVac Bath Support can be used to provide full-body support while bathing in a shower chair or in a bath. It also enables carers to have easy access to the user at this time. The JonVac bath support uses micro-beads to form around the user when air is removed from inside the support by the use of a small hand pump.

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The JonVac Bath Support is ideal to give postural support and skin protection for children and adults on a shower chair or in a bath 

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  • Bath support for the whole body 
    Moulds around the user’s body to provide full support while on a shower chair or in a bath.
  • Easy manual handling and access 
    Allows the carer to have access to the user, and enables easy manual handling.
  • Sturdy support with re-mouldable feature
    Is a sturdy support that holds its shape, and can be remoulded to the shape of the user’s body when needed.
  • Stays in place, improving safety
    Is secured in place with suction cups on the underside, providing a non-slip, safe bathing environment.
  • Easy to Clean, keeping it hygienic
    As these supports are used in the bathroom, they can be easily wiped down with antibacterial or soapy water.
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