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Leggero Dyno Jogging Stroller

The Leggero Dyno is a  3-wheeled jogging stroller for special needs children, which offers a range of adjustment and postural support accessories. Its versatile design and suspension absorbs bumps, allowing for a smooth ride outdoors.

It is a great stroller that allows families to be active outdoors.

Available in four colours: Rosso Red, Ice Silver, Big Sky Blue, and Snowberry Pink.

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The Leggero Dyno jogging stroller is ideal for active parents who enjoy time outdoors with their kids

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  • Jogging stroller for special needs
    Enables parents to exercise with their kids, whilst at the same time offering the postural supports their child needs.
  • Smooth ride reducing fatigue and impact
    Pneumatic tyres absorb jerky forces which helps reduce fatigue and impact on the child.
  • Highly adjustable to promote functional daily activities
    Adjustability of the Leggero Dyno makes for a great fit, promoting good posture, and, in combination with a tray, helps with eating, playing, and learning.
  • Activator Dynamic Seating feature enables active movement
    This anatomically designed feature enables the seating system to support the child’s freedom of movement.
  • Fully adjustable to allow for growth
    The seat depth, seat angle, and seat width, are all adjustable, as well as the back support height and width, to allow for growth.
  • Easy to fold and store away
    The Leggero Dyno folds down to be stored away easily in compact spaces.
  • Wheelchair tested
    The Leggero Dyno Stroller has been tested to ISO 7176 wheelchair standards.
  • Crashworthy
    The Leggero Dyno stroller has been crash tested to ISO 7176-19.
Technical Specification
SizeSingle Frame Size
Seat Width Adjustability8" - 14" (20cm - 35cm)
Seat Depth Adjustability6" -14" (15cm - 35cm)
Back Length Adjustability13" - 21" (33cm - 53cm)
Lower Leg Length Adjustability8.5" - 14" (21cm - 35cm)
Chest Width Availability 7" - 14" (18cm - 35cm)
Knee Angle 15° range
Recline85°, 90°, 95°
Chair Width26.5" (67cm)
Front Wheel Diameter10" (25cm)
Rear Wheel Diameter16" (40cm)
Folded Height17" (43cm)
Unfolded Height39" (99cm)
Folded Depth42" (107cm)
Frame Weight (excludes seating system and accessories)12kg
Weight Limit36kg
Maximum Safe Slope Angle

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