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Breezi Medial Knee Pads

Medial knee pads can be added to the Breezi chair to discourage adduction and to help maintain good posture. Medial knee pads (also known as pommels or abductors) can be mounted directly to the seat plate or using a quick release mount. Quick release mounts are a great option for easy transfers. These should not be used as a pelvic positioning device to prevent sliding or submarining off the seat.

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A Breezi medial knee pad acts as a prompt to discourage thigh adduction and help maintain good posture

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  • Helps to discourage pelvic rotation 
    The Breezi medial knee pads discourage tendencies of leg adduction and help maintain good posture by reducing pelvic rotation
  • Very easy to add to the Breezi chair
    Can be mounted with a quick release mount which helps for easy transfers
  • Easily cleaned and wipeable
    The material used on the padding is antimicrobial, and ink and stain resistant, which makes it easy to clean
  • Do not use as a pelvic positioning tool
    Medial knee pads are knee positioning tools and should not be used to prevent a child from sliding or submarining off the chair
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