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BodiTrak Pro Pressure Mapping System

The BodiTrak Pro Wheelchair Pressure Mapping System is designed to be used by therapists as an assessment tool for simple to complex rehabilitation needs. It includes the ability to capture snap shots, record data, generate reports, and provide in-depth scan comparisons in an effective and timely manner. The system works on both PCs and laptops and the mats are available in different size options.

Available in Seat, Torso, and Bed mat options.

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The BodiTrak Pro is a Wheelchair Pressure Mapping system that’s an essential information tool for seating assessment and management

  • Better clinical outcomes
    Research has shown pressure ulcer incidence was reduced by 12% by using pressure mapping in addition to clinical assessment on its own.
  • Enables clinicians to make informed decisions
    Pressure imaging can provide important information relating to the interaction between the seated surface and the user. This enables the clinician to make informed decisions on the best seating option and set-up for the user.
  • Data can be recorded and stored for comparison
    Data and recordings of pressure imaging results can be stored for comparison against other seating solutions, to find the best possible outcome for the user.
  • Compatible with PCs and laptops
    Plug and play into laptops and computers or connect easily by Wifi.
  • Portable and lightweight
    The BodiTrak Pro can be taken anywhere, so great for use in the clinic or for domiciliary visits.
  • Easy to clean
    The BodiTrak mat can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe keeping it clean after every use.
  • If you are looking for a lighter application
    Please also see our BodiTrak Lite, which offers slightly less functionality but better potability at a lower price.
  • For more information about Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Pressure Mapping:
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